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                        Main products
                        ——Measure tools

                        • 1 VERNIER CALIPER
                        • 2 DIGITAL CALIPER
                        • 4 PROTRACTOR
                        • 5 DIAL CALIPER
                        Hangzhou Jianqiao Measure Tools Co., Ltd. lies on the exit of Hu-Hang-Yong express way, five kilometers away from the railway station, the bus station and the Hangzhou Airport respectively. It is very easy to go. The Company is a Sole proprietorship, mid-scale factory, which produces measures and cutting tools. We have enormous technical personnel, well equipment, advanced technology, commodious workshop, and perfect check means. In China, the Company is one of the factories which export the most measures and cutting tools. Our products are sold well in all of China and far to West Europe, Southeast Asia and others more than thirty countries and areas, and get appraise from . them. In order ...
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                        Contact Us

                        Add:43-2, Zhongnan Gaoke - Yunhe Zhigu Industrial Park, Xin'an Town, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province




                        Contact:Gao Fong:13777849984 Email:gaofeng100119@aliyun.com

                        Contact:Bao Yong Feng:13819188024 Email:bao1976@126.com

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